about me

about me

People talk of wanderlust or having the travel bug. I can relate to that. When I return home from a trip I feel a little flat. Travel sick. The only antidote is to plan another trip. Or to write about my previous trips. That is why I started this travel blog. Precious heartbeats. This combines three of my favourite things: travel, words and photography!

I don't have a travel bucket list. I am lucky, I have visited all of the places that I ever dreamed of going.

I travel now because I'm curious about the world and like being exposed to new ideas, be it theatre, fashion, art, craft, architecture, or design.

I meet up with like-minded people. I take photos every single day. I learn things that aren't found in books. I am out of my comfort zone. I am constantly stimulated by the new and interesting.

I find it easy to be 'in the moment' when I travel. At home I am lazy, relaxed. I do a lot on automatic pilot. Sometimes that can be relief after a long trip. I return home for a rest!

I regularly travel to new countries. I don't think of it as 'country counting'. I think of it as an informal geography, sociology and history lesson.

Thus far I have travelled to 182 countries. Every country in Europe, North America, South America, Central America and Oceania. I'd like to travel to every country on earth and I pray that I will have more than enough 'precious heartbeats' to achieve this goal.

Of course, there are more trips planned. I have just 11 countries left to visit in Africa and only 2 in the Middle East. Many of these countries are 'do not travel' and that means travelling outside of my comfort zone, but you know what, sometimes these trips end up the most rewarding.